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OppaiSubs Blog Post | Hentai Cloud
Applepiee Administrator
1478 views · 681 days ago

Two years ago I created an English sub group called OppaiSubs. Due technical reasons we were unable to keep going and put translations to a halt.

Well, today I want to announce the revival of OppaiSubs!

On this page you will be able to view all the news related to the sub group, stay tuned as an update is on the way very soon!

I would like to welcome the following team members to OppaiSubs:
Timing Mr. Mew
Translation thepinkunicorn
Translation GhostlyCat

We are currently still looking for an editor, quality checker typesetter and encoder. If you are interested, please use our contact form in the bottom of this page!

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Wayout - 586 days ago
Thank you for your releases! It's been good to see you back!

I have been waiting so much time for translated old hentai series. It looks like most teams just translating new stuff. It's relieving that you are translating old, good series. I don't know if you are looking for titles for translating, but I have been waiting these for a long time:

They are all uncensored, but not translated series
Sister Marina
ayatsuri ningyou
spiral over
Isourou Tengoku

I would be very glad if you can look at these series. Again, thank you for your releases!