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OppaiSubs Blog Post | Hentai Cloud
Applepiee Administrator
527 views · 575 days ago

This vanilla hentai is about a guy that meets a house ghost. This house ghost is looking for a home and while looking it needs to collect semen in order to gain power to survive.

We are also still looking for people who can join the team to help us with the following things:
- Extra Translators (Translate from Japanese To English)
- Quality Checkers (Check the Japanese translation and ensure the translations are correct)
- Encoder (Know how to encode DVD and Blu ray sources to quality rips and have good knowledge about mp4 and mkv rips)
- Typesetter (Insert translated text that are visually corresponded with the source)
- Editor (Knowing the basic subtitle etiquette and correct English sentences written by the translators)

Please use the contact form in the footer or leave a comment if you're interested!