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We, at OppaiSubs decided to translate some untranslated hentai from the past.

The first on our list was the the somewhat amusing hentai called Mahou no Shiho-Chan. Mahou no Shiho-Chan is a hentai based on the manga by KOIO Minato released in 1997.

Although there isn't really a lot of action here, we didn't want this series to be left out.. Normal sub groups won't translate it as it is a little too sexual (and old) and hentai groups wouldn't want to translate because the lack of action.

You can find the new episode in our video page or by going to the link below.

The direct links to the release will be available soon, until then I recommend you to use the nyaa link below.

If you have suggestions about other untranslated hentai that you would like to see subbed, then leave a message in the comments.

We are also still looking for people who can join the team to help us with the following things:
- Extra Translators (Translate from Japanese To English)
- Quality Checkers (Check the Japanese translation and ensure the translations are correct)
- Encoder (Know how to encode DVD and Blu ray sources to quality rips and have good knowledge about mp4 and mkv rips)
- Typesetter (Insert translated text that are visually corresponded with the source)
- Editor (Knowing the basic subtitle etiquette and correct English sentences written by the translators)

More releases will follow this week!

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Two years ago I created an English sub group called OppaiSubs. Due technical reasons we were unable to keep going and put translations to a halt.

Well, today I want to announce the revival of OppaiSubs!

On this page you will be able to view all the news related to the sub group, stay tuned as an update is on the way very soon!

I would like to welcome the following team members to OppaiSubs:
Timing Mr. Mew
Translation thepinkunicorn
Translation GhostlyCat

We are currently still looking for an editor, quality checker typesetter and encoder. If you are interested, please use our contact form in the bottom of this page!