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By LostLogia
Hey guys!

I wanted to let you know about this dev and their hentai game I have been a fan of now for some time.
Like in the title, it's called Deathblight RPG – Operation Thunderfang and it's really awesome!


It's still in development and they call it an alpha, but it's already become one of the best RPG maker hentai games I have played.
The newest version is Patreon only, but you can download the previous version for free on their blog, here:
http://wolfenstahl.blogspot.com/2017/10 ... treon.html
Here is a link to their Patreon:

(They also fund a weekly webcomic about their OC's with that patreon, which is also really cool: http://deathblight.tumblr.com/)

So I was wondering why they don't have more support and found out they don't really promote themselves. I think that's a total waste and they deserve so much more support and fans.

That's why I thought I'd help them out with that, since I really like them and their game!

Anyway, speaking about the game, it's an RPG maker game like I already said, and it's like a clone of ahriman's The moral sword of Asagi. They apparently got permission from him to use part of his code to make their own game.
It's in the genre of GoR and uses a lot of CGs rather than sprite animations, but their CGs are top notch so no complaint there from me.
Most hentai content comes in combat when enemies sexually attack your charas and rip their clothes or bend them over to fuck them. The rest is the CGs I mentioned, obviously.
It's also still in alpha, only the first and half of the second dungeons are in, but they are constantly pushing out updates and are pretty reliable with that, adding new content regularly and always fix bugs. Which is also something amazing, their releases are almost completely bug-free and even if there are bugs they get fixed within a week or so!

Here are some screenshots I took:

I think they're planning on adding a job system to earn gold outside of combat with a corruption element soon, but I don't exactly know when.

They do most of their announcements and posts on Patreon nowadays but also post important stuff on their blog as well.
The devs themselves are really great people from all I saw. They listen to their fans and community and are very honest and open about everything regarding the development of the game. You can also chat with them when they are doing their streams on saturdays, on picarto.tv:
By LostLogia
Hey guys!

The devs just released another update, version "Alpha 4" is now released on Patreon:

They even already released 3 bugfix patches in the span of a few days. They are really working hard on it!

Oh and that also means that version 3.1 is out for everyone publicly! You can grab it on their blog like always:
http://wolfenstahl.blogspot.de/2018/01/ ... ed-on.html

Alpha 4 contains the rest of the second dungeon and the aftermath, including the boss and a few puzzles.
I really liked the boss this time, he (she? don't know, it's a weird futa monster) was really challenging, summoning constant reinforcements. You really have to fight smart this time or you get crushed.
Having three party members makes the whole thing more fun too! Catheline's skills synergize very well with the others.

The puzzles they put in in the second half were great too. I was wondering when they'd put in some puzzle elements except "find keycard here, put there"., though to be honest, I hope they implement some more challenging ones in the future, those were rather easy.

I'd put some screenshots here too, but they would all be pretty much spoilers so I'll refrain. It's really worth playing though! I'm happy to support them!

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