Yamitsuki Mura Melty Limit The Animation Episode 1 , English

There was village far north of the capital. The village was rumoured as a village of darkness because the men who visited the village would never return to their home. Kotaro is a scholar who’s specialist in mythology and folklore. As a scholar, he was fascinated when he learned about the rumour and went to the village himself. In the village he met Oka, but mc had complicated face because he can’t even had proper conversation with her. While he busy murmuring himself, a woman called, Shizuka, approached him and took him to her place, there is certainly wrong with the village, he hadn’t even met single men in the village. He decided to investigate the next day and went to sleep, but the woman he met before, Oka, suddenly lurking into his bed during his sleep.

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  • Jun 02, 22


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