Baka na Imouto Episode 1 , English

Uploaded By KRU
  • May 20, 16
Based on the adult game by Pita Fetish!



Zach018's avatar Zach018 • 856 days ago
Nice expect a second one
KRU's avatar KRU • 1094 days ago
I hope so. At least there is a hint screenshot at the end that shows a scene which was not in this episode.
Bakanlink's avatar Bakanlink • 1094 days ago
is there going to be a second episode?
xXDantecusXx's avatar xXDantecusXx • 1095 days ago
Great video, love it. Thank you!! :3
KRU's avatar KRU • 1096 days ago
Hentai videos are usually based on mangas, visual novels or games. There are only a few out there that started as a video. It´s like Anime basically. Anime is also mostly based on the Manga or the visual novel. But there are also some out there that were based on games or even started as the anime.
Fhilbert's avatar Fhilbert • 1096 days ago
Hey bro why does your hentai always base up on an adult game,don't get me wrong it's nice and sure it's a good hentai